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Meeting the Team

Alicia Robison // 7.9.14

"...I love coming to work every day; to help facilitate life-changing expeditions."

Alicia Robison, Program Coordinator

Photo of two women taken by Alicia

The below is a recount from the first training session…

As the program coordinator, I was anxious to finally meet all of the soldiers who I have been communicating with for weeks. We wrapped up our first training in Colorado and I could not be happier with the results. It was a privilege to be able to be a part of this incredible group of soldiers, mentors and leaders. All of the soldiers kicked off the training after a great welcome dinner and mixer at the Golden Hotel. At the dinner, everyone was able to put a face to a name and learn about all the moving parts that are coming together to make Mission: Mt Whitney a reality.

While at the St. Mary’s Glacier, I was happy to help as the team tackled glacier safety training, equipment introductions and backcountry cooking sessions. The group learned quickly as Jeff and the other leaders demonstrated crucial mountaineering and safely skills. During the downtime and time spent pumping and filtering water (a great arm workout) I had the chance to have one on one conversation with many of the soldiers. These conversations were a good reminder of why I love coming to work every day; to help facilitate life-changing expeditions. The team shared stories and laughs over backcountry tortilla-bean soup, a campfire and a backpacking staple food; S’mores!

Although the training was only a few days, the bonds and camaraderie among the soldiers was evident as we packed up camp and headed out of the beautiful Colorado Mountains. I look forward to the next training session in Colorado. The team is solid; look out Mt. Whitney!