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Soldiers to Summits and Wells Fargo Launch Inspiring Endeavor — “Mission Mt. Whitney”

Jason Eckman // 1.22.14

"...our goal here is to provide transformative journeys that inspire veterans to overcome barriers..."

Jason Eckman, Director, Soldiers to Summits

Image from the top of Mount Whitney

As we begin 2014, all of us here at Soldiers to Summits could not be more excited about our new partnership with Wells Fargo. Thanks to Wells Fargo, we will be able to deliver the “Soldiers to Summits Experience” to an even greater number of veterans in 2014. Wells Fargo has already displayed an incredibly strong commitment to veterans, and we are absolutely thrilled to be involved with them this year.

For those of you new to Soldiers to Summits, our goal here is to provide transformative journeys that inspire veterans to overcome barriers and inspire them to live a life of purpose. Our expeditions have taken us to some of the world’s highest peaks in places like Nepal, Ecuador and Peru. We have been featured in the award-winning documentary “High Ground,” by major national media such as the Associated Press, and national morning and evening news frequently covered our latest endeavor — the South Pole Allied Challenge.

The 2014 Wells Fargo expedition will be an incredible opportunity for 15-20 veterans to be a part of a team again, and to carry out a new mission, to build a new network of support or as we like to call them “Rope Teams.” They will be required to train hard, push themselves beyond their perceived limits and strive to be the best teammate they can be.

The program will consist of two different trainings in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The trainings consist of mountaineering, backpacking and rock climbing at high altitudes. They also include inspirational speakers such as our No Barrier’s Ambassadors Erik Wiehenmayer or Kyle Maynard. Upon completion of our trainings, it will be time for the expedition to launch in early September. It will include a community service project, backpacking and mountaineering, and ultimately will conclude with a summit attempt of the 14,505 ft. Mt. Whitney in California.

We have seen the profound impact our programs can have and, once again, are thrilled to be partnering with Wells Fargo on this ambitious and inspiring endeavor.