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Calling All Applicants

Jason Eckman // 1.22.14

"...desire to embark on a transformative journey and reshape their life."

Jason Eckman, Director, Soldiers to Summits

The Soldiers to the Summit team is made of up people with varying disabilities including amputees.

Interested in being a part of Soldiers to Summits’ Mission: Mt. Whitney team?

Soldiers to Summits is looking for wounded veterans or service members who seek adventure and possess a spirit of determination to be a part of this experience. The cost of this program is free and includes travel, accommodations and gear.

While the expedition is only two weeks in length, acceptance into the program is a 12-month commitment that includes: mandatory participation in meetings, webinars, two Colorado trainings, at-home community service projects and the expedition itself. Please see Key Dates, the Application Process and Applicant Requirements below.

Key Dates
May 16-19th: 1st Colorado Training, arrive and depart Denver, CO
August 1-6th: 2nd Colorado Training, arrive and depart Denver, CO
Sept 1-13th: Mission: Mt. Whitney, arrive and depart San Francisco, CA

Application Process
To apply to be a part of our Mission: Mt. Whitney Team, interested participants can/should apply online at: The application period opens Tuesday, February 18 and closes Friday, March 21, 2014. Incomplete applications or applications received after March 21, 2014 will not be accepted for consideration. Those accepted onto the team will be notified the week of April 7, 2014.

Applicant Requirements:
• Veteran or active-duty service member with a service-related injury or disability.
• S2S accommodates to a wide range of disabilities including: blindness, below-the-knee amputations, burns and disfigurations. Each disability will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and S2S reserves the right to not accept an applicant based on the severity of disability. (For this program, S2S can not accommodate spinal chord injuries and those in wheelchairs.)
• Expressed desire to embark on a transformative journey and reshape their life.
• Demonstrated experience playing a role in effective teams.
• Ability to participate in physically demanding activities.* (Note: A comprehensive medical evaluation and report is required from all participants after acceptance into the program.)
• A background check will be conducted for all applicants upon being accepted into the program.